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New tool in RPS - automatic publication claiming

Most UCL researchers are used to the way Research Publications Service (RPS) searches external databases (like Scopus and Web of Science) to find publications that may belong to UCL authors, based on their search settings. By default, suggested publications are put in the pending publications list, where they can be manually reviewed and claimed (or rejected). Now, though, after a recent upgrade, RPS is even better at helping UCL authors record their publications. The latest upgrade to RPS that introduced new tool that helps authors to identify their papers: auto-claiming. More than 2,000 authors at UCL already use their ORCID in RPS, but UCL’s Research Publications Service can now find and claim even more papers, using even more identifiers including e-mail address. When RPS can tell that a paper belongs to the author, it claims it automatically. This new tool helps researchers to identify their papers and record them in RPS quickly, as it minimises number of publications that are s…

What to do if Explore becomes unavailable

Explore is provided on a remote server which is not directly under UCL control, and which also serves a number of other universities across Europe. If for any reason it becomes unavailable, please try the following alternative sources of information:

Fines Amnesty

From the start of term, 25th September 2017, Library Services will be reintroducing the limit on outstanding fines to £20. Once your fines have reached this amount you will not be able to borrow or renew books or collect inter-library loans until the fines have been paid. The purpose of the block is to prevent readers accruing large debts. This was previously part of Library Services policy and its reinstatement will benefit readers and Library Services. We appreciate that a number of people have outstanding fines greater than £20 and that paying this off could cause hardship. We are introducing a fine amnesty for all fines incurred before 25th September and readers will be asked to pay a maximum of £20 fines. Anything above that amount will be waived. Outstanding payments for lost books or inter library loans must still be paid. All fines incurred after Monday 25th September will be expected to be paid in full and once a total of £20 has been reached, library accounts will be blocke…

Food policy change

Due to our brand new library  our food policy has  changed and just bottled water is allowed.

New look search from UCL Library Services

A new look beta version of our Explore search tool is now  available, running alongside the current Explore interface.  This new, mobile-friendly version searches all of the same content as Explore, and connects to library accounts when you sign in as usual, but has some key benefits such as:  A new look and feel which adapts to your screen sizeA single screen for each search resultThe on-screen text has been stripped back to essentials for a cleaner view So please try out the new service soon, and send us your feedback through the form on our information page

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